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mobile sensing

Our app collects sensor data, such as GPS, GSM, WiFi and accelerometer, from iOS or Android devices, and has been developed to minimize battery consumption. Our software is also compatible with programmable GPS loggers to accommodate those without smartphones.

Machine Learning

Our highly refined intelligent algorithms, supplemented by information in contextual databases, process the sensor data into a series of trips and stops and infer modes and activities.


Survey participants view and edit their daily travel and activities in an Activity Diary featuring a timeline and a map, accessible via a website or the smartphone app.


Our Survey Management System (SMS) enables clients and field personnel to keep track of survey progress, manage field work, download survey data and access user Activity Diaries if users require interviewer support.

Measure what people do, not what they say they do.

By employing mobile devices and advanced sensor technologies to unobtrusively record travel behavior, Mobile Market Monitor’s automated survey software eliminates the data quality issues commonly experienced with traditional travel survey approaches. Mobile Market Monitor enables transportation planners to measure and analyze:

  • Day to day variability (within respondent)
  • Higher resolution spatial and temporal data
  • Route information
  • More accurate supplementary information about trips and activities

Frequent places

Our software includes a Frequent Places interface, where users can easily enter frequently visited locations and the activities that they do at those places. Our algorithms use these data to better infer activities, thus reducing burden on users to provide this information

Activity Diary

Raw sensor data are processed and presented back to survey participants in an Activity Diary that features an interactive map displaying stops, activities and traces and a daily timeline in which modes and activities are inferred where possible. Users can edit the presented information, including adding or deleting segments, and respond to supplementary questions about each trip or activity.

Logic Checks

Logic checks are highlighted within the Activity Diary for immediate correction by users; logic violations are subsequently flagged in daily output files in the Survey Management System for prompt follow-up by field staff if desired.

Survey Management System

Our robust Survey Management System provides a range of reporting tools, data output files, and back office access for clients and field staff to manage household and individual survey respondents and monitor survey progress.

Language translation support

All components of our software platform can be translated into other languages to meet the needs of your survey population. We have implemented surveys in language versions including Spanish, Hebrew and Swahili, and can meet your survey’s language needs.

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