Through our modular and highly flexible platform, MMM provides a range of software applications to meet a variety of client needs.
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Our automated data collection platform has been employed for household and individual-level travel and activity surveys around the globe. Our platform produces high-resolution, multi-day travel data that is verified by users and provides the full storyline of their mobility and activity patterns.

Extensions include:

  • Professional driver surveys: To accommodate drivers and delivery persons with survey shortcuts and customized questions to measure specific behaviors of interest.
  • Event-driven measurements: Prompt users for real-time responses to transit quality or other questions in the broader context of their daily travel and activities.

In conjunction with the revealed preferences collected via our Mobility Survey, MMM-SP enables measurement of stated preferences for new modes and services in the realistic context of the actual trips users have just made.


In today's rapidly changing world, our technology platform is ideally designed for continuous monitoring of mobility patterns with limited verification of data by users—and for ongoing calibration of anonymized and unverified big data sources.


The Mobility Advisor provides end users real-time advice in the form of a menu of personalized trip-making recommendations that reflects their revealed preferences. This service can include incentives designed to influence mobility behavior.


An integrated system to conduct commodity flow surveys and track freight vehicles and shipments applying the same technology implemented with mobile devices such as loggers, smartphones or tablets, and a user interface designed for driver verification of pick-ups and deliveries.


Designed for clients looking to derive greater intelligence from sensor data that they collect or obtain from other sources, MAD makes use of our state-of-the-art inference engine to infer stop locations, times, and modes of transportation between stops based on raw sensor data collected by smartphone apps, GPS loggers, or other sensing devices.


Fusion with third party big data sources, such as telco and GPS data, to expand survey samples.


We provide our software by packaging it with a suite of services, including:

  • Customization of the user interface to meet each client’s requirements, including language translations
  • Localization of our machine learning backend, including incorporation of local contextual data and refinement of algorithms to the local environment
  • Installation of the platform on a dedicated server in the cloud as near to the data collection area as possible.
  • Updates of our X-ING™ app to conform with iOS and Android OS updates
  • Training of client and other team members on the use of our Data Management System
  • Ongoing, highly responsive service and technology support throughout data collection periods
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